Firewood logs for sale throughout Ireland

Kiln dried logs for sale from Dublin Logs Ltd are guaranteed to be the best grade firewood for sale in Ireland. We offer a national delivery service through our delivery partner who delivers with a Moffett loader to Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow we may also use the pallet network to deliver firewood. They use a standard pallet truck and tail lift with our national delivery service.

Kiln Dried Firewood for sale

Hand Stacked Kiln Dried firewood for sale in Ireland from Dublin Logs offers the highest quality firewood on the market. We sell a selection of firewood’s such as our Hardwood range with quality tree species; Beech, Hornbeam, Ash and Oak amongst others, which give a long-lasting fire.Our personal pick of the bunch is the hornbeam which offers the best value for money with its excellent btu to euro ratio they sell fast though so stock up while stocks last.

We also stock a range of softwood products such as our Irish grown and processed kindling. The kindling is sold in extra large bags that are more than double the size of standard bags offering great value to you. Our Kiln dried hardwood when burnt in stoves lights fast and outputs high heat levels. We only sell Firewood logs that have been Kiln Dried to an optimum moisture level bellow 20%, this is important not just for great heat but also to protect your stove for years to come.

Kiln Dried Logs for sale

You can choose from a large selection of Logs for sale from our shop. We have a selection of different size logs that are uniform to each crate. You can select your preferred logs size for your crate so that each log fits perfectly in your stove every time. All the logs are hand sorted and stacked, We do this to make sure each log is of a high standard while fitting as many logs in a crate as possible to cut down on transport and storage. This results in a neater product but also more logs per cubic meter than loose loads.

Large 2 cubic meter crate and a smaller 1.5 cubic meter crate.

crate of kiln dried birch

Hardwood logs

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are denser than their softwood compatriots; this means on average hardwood will burn for longer than softwood. There are many different types of hardwoods, typical hardwoods for sale in Ireland are Ash, Beech, Oak, Sycamore, Birch, Alder and a bit of Hawthorn. Ash hardwood logs don’t spark when they are being burnt as they don’t have big pockets of sap like softwoods. As they tend not to spark and last longer they are the best choice for open fires. We still always recommend you have a fire guard with any open fire just in case. Hardwoods when kiln dried also produce very high heat when used in stoves, boilers and insert stoves that keep the glass clearer for longer with very low amounts of ash left over.

Softwood firewood

Softwood firewood is mainly from evergreen trees such as spruce, larch and pines. Light in weight and easily lit, it offers good firewood for autumn or spring when moderate heat may be preferable. We use Irish softwood grown locally to produce our fast lighting kindling due to its excellent combustion traits. Softwoods are the most popular in commercial forestry in Ireland due to their adaptability to our climate which allow for fast growth on many types of land including poor land. You can buy a large selection of Irish Firewood both softwood and hardwood on


Crates will be delivered by truck and then unloaded by Moffett loader and pallet truck. We will try our best to get your crate as close to where you want it as possible. This means our delivery men will get to most areas but if you have some concerns due to the size, please make contact with us to make sure the delivery will run smoothly. As a rule of thumb if your car can get there more than comfortably we most likely can get your crate there .

Irish timber

Irish timber is becoming scarce in resent years but we still produce our kindling from locally grown forestry. We put the timber through a lengthy seasoning process to get kindling that are fast lighting.