Kiln Dried Hardwood logs are the best solid fuel money can buy. This is because of these main advantages over standard firewood such as; they burn very hot and cleanly, they light easily, leave the glass of the stove clear for longer, produce less smoke, leave less ash, are neatly and tiddly stacked, uniform logs, and burn longer in stoves. We hand stack all our crates so that we can ensure each log is of a very high standard and we fit as many logs in as possible.

Types of Kiln Dried Hardwoods for sale

We sell three main types of hardwood Birch, Ash, and Oak. Each have their own unique burning characteristics the density is medium to high birch being medium density and oak being the very high.


Silver Birch makes for a great firewood, it lights up fast and gives an instant hot fire. Birch produces good flames that are bright and vibrant. This gives your fire a warm feel to it. Birch looks great too, it has sliver bark that is charming stacked beside the fire for Christmas. Birch is the firewood of choice for Nordic countries.


Ash is a very popular firewood in Ireland due to its excellent burning, Ash is easily lit and burns for a good duration in both stoves and open fires. Hardwood Ash logs will not spark so are ideal for open fires.
Ash has been on the decline unfortunately throughout Europe. A disease dramatically affecting Ash trees is called Chalara fraxinea, or more commonly known as Ash die back. It is a fungal infection that slowly kills the Ash tree. It is important to buy kiln dried Ash so that all this has been destroyed on the firewood. Our kiln dried Hardwood logs are supper heated up to 100 degrees that boils the water out of them, it also kills off insects and other pathogens contained in wood.


Oak is one of the hardest Firewood’s money can buy. This results in extremely long burning when used in stoves. Oak gives very high heat with a slow small gentle flame. This is because of Oak firewood’s density. When starting the fire it is best to use a bit more kindling to get it up to temperature quickly.


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